Friday 8 August 2008

A Rare Breed

How beautiful is this picture? She looks so innocent and yet strong and fierce. Her name is Johanna and her portrait, amongst other equally stunning photographs of redheads, is featured in the blog named A Rare Breed. The creator, Julia Baum, states:
Some say we're going extinct. As a redhead myself, I think the world needs more pictures of our Rare Breed.
I just want to say: I wanted to be a redhead since my childhood. Now I see it would be a bit inconvenient and kinda against nature, given I live in sunny Greece throughout the year. I'm perfectly happy with my olive complexion and natural blond highlights on my light brown hair. But I still covet a red mane!


Anonymous said...

ME TOO. My mom and sis are both redheads and I had such pangs of jealousy. But you're right: We brunettes have many advantages, too.

Anonymous said...

wow! such a beautiful picture.. She looks like a doll, doesn't she? I've always found redheads to have something special

Rebecca Jane said...

happy to hear some redhead love! that is a lovely picture too.