Wednesday 10 December 2008


As the mayhem in Greece continues, I'm learning to appreciate the sacred refuge of my home. I love my house and the calm environment it provides me, and I like to keep it in a good condition, so I can enjoy the benefits. So, I spent my day pampering it. I swept, I mopped, I did the laundry and the dishes. And it feels so good afterwards, to sit back with a bowl of warm mushroom soup - from a sachet, but who cares - and just relax.

And what better timing to get some sewing done?It feels like I've been sewing this skirt forever! I bought the fabric back in early October and even showed it to you on this post, along with all my inspiration for the finished product, all eager and excited. Little did I know... At first I discovered I didn't have any plum-coloured thread. I got some, then realized I had used up all my waist elastic for other skirt projects. When I got some more elastic, I found out that the thread was a tad bit too light for the fabric. Bummers! I got some darker thread, but then another extremely time-consuming project came up, and it all fell back again. And now that I thought I would finally nail the bastard, I realised I should better get some lining too. Will I ever get to wear that skirt, or is the universe trying to tell me something?
I'm not giving up though. I will get some plum lining tomorrow and hopefully, I will be wearing my skirt come evening.
Right, universe?

Oh, and to all my kind readers wondering what that other project was about, all I have to say is sorry I kept you guessing for so long! I will most probably have pictures tomorrow.
A little hint: It was a present for my boyfriend's birthday.


Elena said...

The colour is amazing! I so want to see it when you finish it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely comment, Lopi!

& good luck with the sewing! I can't sew/diy to save my life.

Jessie said...

yesyesyes! can't wait to see the final product! i am planning on a diy skirt for new years eve as well, and now that i have a deadline, hopefully i will be able to finish! love the plum color.