Sunday 25 October 2009

Backstage Julia Bergovich at Fashion Week Athens

Thanks to my dearest blogfriend Her Majesty the QueenB, Hari K from Soho Symposium and I found ourselves helping backstage at the Julia Bergovich Spring/Summer 2010 show at Fashion Week Athens.

Here's what went down:

QueenB taking care of the line-up.

Arranging the outfits for the models to wear.

Mandatory touch-ups.

Rehearsing dog-catwalking.

Before the finale.

Yet someone has to tidy up the shoes afterwards!

Hari K, QueenB and yours truly.
Thank you girls! We rocked!


eleni said...

oooh cool! its my dream to work backstage at fashion week!
my school picks 3 people to work a show at new york fashion week in febuary, i keep wishing i'll be the chosen one!! :P

Hari K said...

Hey there!!!! it was so much fun, and we were...PROFESSIONALS i dare to say!!!

Mairyliscious said...

o o o sas zhleuw polu !!! uperoxa prepei na htan !
koukles eiste ! mou aresei to xamogelo ths xaritinh kai to diko sou of course ! oi galotses ths H. ta papa kai oi kaltses ths queen kai esu totally amazing dress kai shoes!

Sugahspank! said...

I'm soooo00000ooooooo jealous! aaah! you gals look hot!

Elena said...

Ζηλεύωωωωωωωωωωω! You lucky things!!!

efi said...

cute dress. and scarf. and shoes. and amazing smile!

Alecca Rox said...

i am not jealous at all! haha.. I know how tough and demanding it is, well done for being brave enough to do it and still look that good after all this work;)

The UrbanTeam said...

hi there, great blog! just added your link to
be well and creative ;)

ShoppingTherapy said...

backstage photos are Soooo fascinating!!

daisychain said...

Oh wow, what an experience!

zansot said...

It must have been like Heaven :D

(do we have such a thing in Greece?? I am so NOT informed)..


fashionist__ahead said...

ooo..ti teleioo
9elw k egwwww....

Penny said...

congrats on emore time!you all look so chic!

Kristen Leo said...

oooh i wish i was there!