Saturday 20 March 2010


Yesterday's RAKAS fashion bazaar/party was insane, but fun! The brands were there, but most stuff (at least those I saw) was about 60% off or so. Cheaper than retail, but still quite expensive.
For example, this Isabel Marant Étoile summer dress, retailing for 260€ was now down to 100€. Would I fork out that much for a linen dress with unfinished hem? No. But it was cute.
The only part of the sale that wasn't insanely crowded most of the time was the men's section. I browsed a lot there and ended up bagging a cute V-neck Vanessa Bruno Athé unisex t-shirt.
But that's not all I got...

Greyish brown lace-up booties by Pinko!
I have been flirting with them since last Fall when I saw them in-store, so when I spotted them at the bazaar, I just grabbed' em and wouldn't let go.
Walking out, we realised Asti Martini had set up a stand giving out mini bottles of bubbly. Gave in.

Overall, it was an interesting experience, but keep these few things on mind:
  • Be prepared to spend lots of time and effort.
  • Don't expect to find something you'll like, especially if your taste is more on the minimal side. All the simple, easy-to-wear pieces always get sold full retail and rarely reach 70% off.
  • If you do find something you like, check for holes and pulls. People can be quite harsh during those events, I even saw a torn-up pair of leather pants!
  • As hard as it seems, try everything on. I slipped on the Isabel Marant dress over my tank top and realised that those bust ruffles were waaaay too puffy for my liking (and bust).
  • The price on the tag is the original one, so check them out on the digital price checkers mounted on the wall to see the discounted one.
  • Don't be fooled that you can afford something just because it's 70% off. I saw an amazing Mulberry men's bag in grey leather with black straps, cute but serious and just plain amazing, 370€ down from 970€. I was tempted, but opted out. Remember, it's not saving 600€, it's spending 370€!
  • And for heaven's sake, don't go in if you have agoraphobia, ok?
The bazaar will be on today too, so if you're interested, chop-chop, hurry up! Details here.

And don't forget to check out renatsan's coverage too!

(sorry for the photo quality in this post, this time they're all by iPhone)


Tiffany said...

i love the t-shirt and the oxfords! poli kales agores!

Staraki said...

Lopi you are totally in my mind! I had the same thoughts while treasure hunting among many many wild women! you need patience and patience and patience to be able to search every single thing! i managed to find 3-4 nice and cute tops at a very good price but after 2 and a half hours!
Ofcourse the price on some items is an issue.. i saw a Mulberry XL bag for weekends which, with the discount, costs like 500 euros!!! On the other hand, you can find clothes from 1 euro so that's fishy enough for a walk around :P

Alecca Rox said...

VERY interesting report my dear!

renatsan said...

Thank you for the link,i admit that your post is more accurate than mine!The thing is that i try to write in English(just to be understandable by everyone)and that's my weak point....

Anonymous said...

I think it wasn't overall a great bazzar concidering Zilly always has 60% at the end of the season in shops (where there is a great environment, assistance, cosy atmosphere), that the company has outlets and that it was a small space for a lot of items!
I would't go for a Lim's chiffon dress in all that chaos, unless it was at a very low price!
I only looked at the 70-90% discount section and luckily found some items worth buying i.e.
Isabel Marant cotton cardi for 55E
Lamp T-Shirt for 16E
Marc Jacobs Black Cluch 53E
toy G strapless at 6E!
In such times you opt to get people's money first and sell all your stock, so it is wise to go just over cost and sell at bargain prices!

Katerina E.