Friday 12 March 2010

Play we did

The Fashion Playground party by Stylewatch last night was a blast!

I had so much fun hacking t-shirts along with Haritini, Chloe, Christie, Queen B and Elena while chating with friends and blog readers. A big shout out to Chichipiru, AkouAuto, Days4U and Fotobill!

Nina and Clemmie were there as well, teaming with the Chic and Ethic Lab girls, Evi and Daphne of DElight were spinning music (multi-talented girls, I tell ya) and Alkisti of Streetgeist was shooting anyone who was up to be professionally styled up and photographed in a Levi's outfit for the night.

Fresh Pastry Shops provided chocolate truffle treats and boy, did we treat ourselves!

The girls over at the Chic and Ethic Lab table, sewing the night away in style.

Make sure to hop over chez Life Full of Fashion to see and read a lot more about last night. Plus, I'm sure more related posts by the girls who participated are gonna start popping up over the internet anytime soon, so check back!

And where my outfit I hear you ask? Another post coming up for that...


efi said...

είδα λίγο από το άουτφιτ στο μπλογκ της έλενας και πρέπει να ήταν σούπερ :)

Evi said...

we-want-more! we-want-more!
(next time one of those T-shirts is mine, MINE, I tell ya, MINE!)
:) good job ya all

Mairyliscious said...


Chichipiru said...

superrrrrrrrrrrr!!! so nice to meet u in person! :)