Monday 29 March 2010

Johanna Daniil, Lukas, Cathreen Mal

Famous designers are without doubt the big guns behind every fashion week, but I have to admit, my favourite part has always been discovering the up-and-coming newbies.

New Generation in this year's Fashion Week Athens wasn't a contest, but more of a chance for three of last year's contestants to each showcase a more complete collection.
Johanna Daniil showed a collection with very interesting cuts and lots of volume, with little use of boring/safe black - always a plus in my book. I think many will agree with me when I say that this little red dress above stole everyone's hearts.

Lukas is a name that might ring a bell to many of you hardcore Greek Next Top Models fans out there. He was the designer who put Maria in that *fierce* red floor-length gown last season. For AW2010/11 he remained true to his Oscar night glamour aesthetics, by showing a collection of evening wear that would make Marilyn Monroe go weak on her knees. Not everyone's cup of tea and most definitely not clothes you'd wear any given day, but you have to give it to him, the man stays true to his style!

Cathreen Mal has a soft spot in my heart, as I know her personally from the fashion week workshops we participated in together three seasons ago. Along with Evangelos Kavathas, she was one of the two winners of last year's New Generation show. Cathreen reinterpreted 60's fashion by showing a collection of dresses (plus a coat and a skirt) based on the combination of bold colour and black. My favourites were the navy asymmetrical coat with the oversized black buttons (I just love black and navy) and the royal blue one-shoulder dress with the red waist detail, worn with red shoes.

Congrats to all three for doing their first proper catwalk show, and remember kiddos, we're anxiously waiting to see more!

All pictures in this post were shot by me.
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Cool clothes and interesting designers!I ll keep an eye on them...!