Sunday 28 March 2010

FWA kicked off with Christoforos Kotentos

I'm way back with my posting due to fashion week fatigue, sorry for that. But I have tons of fun fashion stuff to share and now that all the madness is over, the blogging may begin!

Fashion Week Athens started last Thursday March 18th with a single fashion show, followed by a big open-air party on the spot, followed by an after-party hosted by vintage dealer Holy Mustache where the dress code was Lady Gaga versus Alice in Wonderland.
[photo by Vangelis Rassias for]

And which I regret not attending. Judging from the host's and his friends' outfits above (worn to attend the show as well) I can only imagine how fabulous it must have been.

Oh well, on to the fashion show...

Christoforos Kotentos, one of the most famous greek fashion designers and recently made a household name by becoming a Greek Next Top Model judge, showed a collection with quite an unexpected mix of textures and patterns.
[photo by Vangelis Rassias for]

In the pic above you can spot Holy's bunny ears peeking from the left front row, behind Seraina, winner of Greek Next Top Model, werking it on the catwalk. My personal favourites were the patterned black&white tights and the amazingly-futuristic-yet-anything-but-minimal wedding dress.
[photo by Elena of Life Full of Fashion]

I think it will be a long time before we see anything as fashion-forward as that in bridal again.

And as you might have already noticed from the pics, hair was crazy, spirits were high and so were the shoes!
The girls wiggled but did not fall.

Are those stripper heels Mr Kotentos?

Bonus, as always, a crappy video I made of the models walking the show finale.

After the show everyone moved from the catwalk to under the fabulous pink tent outside for some champagne and gossiping.
[photo by Elena of Life Full of Fashion]

This is me at the open-air party wearing my Comme des Garçons for H&M tail jacket. Extra brownie points if you spot the designer!

Well, that's all there is from the first day of Fashion Week Athens. Many more shows and outfits will be posted the following days, so brace yourselves!

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