Friday 29 October 2010


Last night at 6DOGS as posted yesterday. A tough battle.

Wake sketching on the left and Tam on the right.

The judges Sake and Ozone spoke, the audience screamed.
I even held an impromptu twitter poll. And everyone answered back the same thing:

Wake. My boy won!


Florendia said...


Anonymous said...

I know Ozone's work! He is one of the best! Also know the Ofk team! Your boy's work is great! Congrats!

battered couture said...

woohoo! and ozone is such a great tattoo artist as well. way to go for your boy miss.

Lorelai Sebastian said...

congrats to THE BOY!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

congrats!! :)

chloe said...

wheee, partytime! so nice when your man makes you proud, enjoy! x