Tuesday 26 October 2010

Miltos at AXDW

Miltos is one of those shows that leave you quite puzzled.

Sure, the man can sew.

And he would make a mean costume designer for period drama in theatre and moving pictures. In fact, I bet he already does.

In his AXDW show last Saturday, October 23rd Miltos presented floor length velvet gowns, puffy taffeta skirts, top hats and 19th century elegant equestrian pants. Very chic, no doubt. But wearable in real life?

But then, I come home and start editing pics.
And it goes something like this:
Well, that grey tailcoat wouldn't look half bad with the proper contemporary styling. In fact, it looks awfully a lot like my Comme des Garçons for H&M black tailcoat. And that pencil skirt wouldn't be out of place worn at work, not to mention that the matching jacket is heavenly tailored. And don't get me started on the black silk blouse with the luxurious bow...
Can't help it.


Unknown said...

Haha, you are right. I don't suppose you could wear them exactly as the designer presented them, except if you were going riding with Prince Harry (as I wrote in my "Miltos" post!). But I loved the show's concept and Miltos is one of my favorite Greek designers.

Florendia said...

Den eida to show alla auta pou blepw mou fainontai polu oraia kai quite wearable, esto kommati kommati...

Panagiota said...

like Maddie says if u wear them komati komati they are ok!I love grey and i find them wearable but u are right ..not sth we havent seen before.