Saturday 16 October 2010

Lukas "FUTURE SHOCK_womachines" at FWA

When LUKAS emailed me his FUTURE SHOCK_womachines collection manifesto while announcing his show date on Friday October 15th in Fashion Week Athens, he wasn't kidding:

Edgy, fresh, innovative, sexy, avant-garde
5 words that describe exactly the Spring Summer Collection.

This season it's about power+control.

LUKAS woman is determined to conquer everything.
An edgy collection with futuristic touch, provocative and austere.

Luxurious fabrics, innovative details, new proportions.
For all today's amazons. Remember:
"What shocks u today, is tomorrow's trend!"

The show started on time, which was unheard of during previous seasons, meaning there were a lot of late comers and quite a few empty seats. What a pity for such a great show.

On the bright side, the models weren't stick-thin, a fact that empowered the whole concept of a strong, feminine ideal. I also loved the idea of clear protective goggles (like the ones used by workers handling machinery) as alternative eye wear.
They're actually quite cheap and you can find them at hardware shops, if you wanna try this look at home. A new trend emerging?

And most importantly, I loved the fact that Lukas seems both focused in his personal vision of a strong, sexy and feminine woman and at the same time he has definitely improved and moved forward since his last show in March. Bravo Lukas!


Mika's Fashion said...

polu wraia ola s ta posts! toulaxiston afou dn mporw na paw ta vlepw apo sena!

leinti nti said...

very sexy and bold yet I don't like the big shoulders. I wish that trend was over...:(

Unknown said...

At last an interesting collection! I couldn't make it to the rest of the Fashion shows in AFW but from what I saw I think I didn't miss a lot! But I do like this collection, it's edgy and glamorous and a little "Balmainesque"! :))