Monday 11 October 2010

Sotiris Georgiou "Forms" SS2011

On Saturday, October 9th Sotiris Georgiou invited us to Dexameni open-air cinema in Kolonaki, Athens to attend his Spring-Summer 2011 fashion show titled "Forms".

An open-air cinema is indeed a very interesting venue choice for a fashion show, yet it was successfully incorporated into the concept. The poster was placed inside the designated movie poster glass box and the show opened to the music of the 20th Century Fox intro.

But let's enjoy the clothes, shall we? I should warn you though, I couldn't bring myself to edit furthermore so the post ahead is rather image-heavy.





And then it was over and we were all in awe.

If I had to describe the collection, I'd say it was heavily navy inspired, but in a good way. Sotiris Georgiou managed to avoid the bad clichés usually associated with the nautical theme and kept only the fresh elements, in a graphic-design-meets-Popeye-the-Sailor way. Especially since the female models looked worryingly a lot like Olive Oyl, but that's a whole other story, already pointed out by Chryssa in her (greek language only) post on Fashionism.

And since this is a personal blog after all, I can only share my personal opinion on whether I liked it or not: I totally loved it!

More specifically:

I loved the turquoise/red/grey/blue colour combos.

I loved the easy-to-wear slouchy shapes.

I loved THAT dress.

I loved the weird "tails" on the men's t-shirts (successfully re-inventing the classic tee is always a plus for me).

I loved THAT clutch bag. Oh, and THAT pleated trench.

I even loved the odd-at-first-look choice of chalky fluo pink lipstick for the models' minimal make-up, best seen up-close in pics on Joanna's portrait post.

And of course my favourite detail of all - which should be easily copied by economically struggling yet sartorially restless young gentlemen - a punch of colour from the red socks peeking down from the men's trouser hems, one of the things I could not but live-tweet straight from the show.

Overall, a great collection. Bravo Sotiris!

The show finale captured on video:

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Damn, seems like I'm the last one to pull through all the photo editing. Oh well, one can do so much!


Stratos Bacalis said...

I would wear the first male t-shirt you posted and the red socks, otherwise too wide stuff look gross on my frame. I still prefer my menswear a bit more tight fitting. They do look a bit hipster-y though.

Lopi said...

@Stratos Bacalis
Well, you do have the figure to pull off body-con stuff!

I agree though, the menswear looks rather hipster-y in the pics, but I think it's mostly due to the styling, especially the hairstyles (fringe much?) If you take the bermuda shorts/trousers/trench coats out of the show context, I think one can get away with it *without* looking like he listens to bands that don't even exist yet :p

Thanks for visiting!

Velveteen said...

The pleated coat is great as well as the clutch. The rest is too futuristic for me :)
I guess they are a bit hipster-y. I was browsing through some t-shirts today in Athens and everything looked hipster-y. Why is that? Whatever happened to good old black/grey/beige no prints t-shirts?

Jenna M. said...

So awesome! Want a bunch of that stuff.

Style Explosion

joanaddicted said...

ooo bravo lopi, you definitely kicked some editors' asses!! ha!

Anonymous said...

I loved the place! And it was good for my compact camera! The pieces were adorable! Nice to see you there too! Kisses!

battered couture said...

i am really bumbed i missed this. :(

natalie said...

LOVE this collection! The dresses are beautiful!