Sunday 3 October 2010

IKEA hacking

Sunday feels like the perfect day for some DIY, whether it's doing it or posting about it! This one is old and totally unrelated to fashion, but I thought it was worthwhile posting. Well, we have to give our homes some stylish solutions too, non?

Here's the thing:
When I moved into my apartment last year, the stove and the fridge ended up having this annoying gap between them. I thought it would be a pity to just to let it be and leave all this valuable storage/counter space unexploited, so I got busy going through the IKEA catalogue for something that would fit the gap just right.

I was lucky. Hello there, super-cheap HYLLIS metal shelves!

At 60cm deep and 27cm wide, it was like if I had ordered them to fit. And if I remember correctly, I paid 12 euros for them, but the price in the new 2011 catalogue has been reduced and they now cost only 8,95 in Greece. Total bargain.

Problem was, HYLLIS is tall. I wanted something that would act as a extension of the stove top, so I would be able to use the surface while cooking, letting pots and pans cool off and stuff like that. HYLLIS is 140cm tall while my stove only reaches 85cm.

So I grabbed my saw.
The shortest half is the one that used to be the bottom and the now tall half used to be the top. I sawed just over the third shelf, and the height of the top half turned out to be just perfect as you can see from the first picture of this post.

I only had to go over the legs with some sandpaper so I could pop on the plastic thingies that protect your floor from the metal, and it was ready!

Do you hack IKEA stuff? Have you ever visited IKEA hacker?

My hack was featured in IKEA hacker and there are lots of interesting comments posted there as well, take a look!


Tiffany said...

ikea hacker is awesom! i had never heard of it before!!
but generally i hack almost anything when i need to :P

Anonymous said...

Lopi this is something very interesting! I always hack IKEA things but had no idea of this blog! It's indeed very inspiring!Your hack is great as well!
Thanks for sharing!

ShoppingTherapy said...

i'm buying the same shelves, cause i want to place them on the balcony and put small pots of plants on it

Inspiration partout said...

clever idea!!!i love the ikea hacker blog!!you gave me some cool ideas!!thanks

chloe said...

ah, thats great! thanks for the link, im checking it right now

and have fun at fashion week dear, take lots of pics! xxx

Unknown said...

The shelves seem a bit far apart, I would install one of the remaining shelves between the originals for more storage.
Great hack!

iteezy said...

very goodd