Saturday 16 October 2010

KRUG8 SS2011 at FWA

The architect in me loved the set design of the catwalk.
The only foreign guest this year at Fashion Week Athens, KRUG8 showed their SS2011 collection last Thursday, October 14th 2010.

They are a design collective from Serbia based in Belgrade.

Most common misconception at the show was that KRUG8 is eight designers.

They're not. They chose their name because krug means circle in serbian and the number 8 is a symbol of constant renewal.

More specifically they are five: Dragana Nikolajević, Larisa Županjevac, Leonora Vekić, Lidija Jovanović and Ljiljana Vujanović.

You can visit for more (which was impossible to find just by googling and unfortunately is only in Serbian, gotta fix both that thing guys) but they also have a facebook page if you're more into that.

Other blogs reporting from this show were Life Full of Fashion, Fashion Algorithms and Dare to Be Unique.

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