Friday 25 February 2011

adidas Originals partaaaaay!

Yesterday we found ourselves in Yoga Bala in downtown Athens for the launch of the adidas Originals new spring collection, which for the first time includes a denim line!

Thalia was kind enough to help me demonstrate more of the new collection for you.

Great thing that all the samples were there for us to see, feel and try on if we wished.

I tried on that green t-shirt that matched my shoes.

And for those who asked, they're ADIDAS ADI HOOP in RAVGRN/LAVA/FREPIN with product code 651787. I got them in a sports shop in Amsterdam during that trip but you can always try online.

Moving on...
Mary Kitsopanou and Yorgos Kelefis of OZON happily browsing through the rails of t-shirts.

Thalia again.
Seriously girl, they should be paying you in clothes.

Me and fellow architect Nafsika. Ok, so she's basically more known from her career as a VJ for Greek MTV, but you know, I always think of her as a colleague. Funny thing, I also always bump into her in such parties.

Printed with a black and white urban skyline, this must be the ultimate tote for a fashion architect. Let's hope I find it in stores...

Of course the stars of the night were the jeans and their cute details like those turquoise insides.

Xenofon Eleftheriadis is the person you can bug the hell out to get more info on Adidas Originals and the new denim line.

Seriously cool unknown girl sporting an amazing animal-print adidas jacket.

More stylish people: Alex, Elena and Thalia.

Michalis of Stavento who borrowed the camera from the actual camera-man. Multi-talented guy.

Elena and Aris laughing at each other.

Bad Spencer of Yes It Does, Sure It Does lost in music.

Rare occasion where Dimitris Floros is not in a suit.

The other cool guy of Yes It Does, Sure It Does Loukas Mexis with our little girl.

Ok, that was too cute not to post as well.

The really good goody bags containing a set of nice headphones, a notebook and a pen along with the always useful press kit. This one has some really cool pics in it, which should and will probably be posted soon.

As always, you can see way more pics and posts by visiting all the other girls that attended like Life Full of Fashion, Life in Athens, Fashion Algorithms, Not For Sale and Ordinary Style Pulse.

What a great night, kudos adidas and Civitas!


Unknown said...

πολυ πολυ πολυ ομορφες φωτογραφιες, χρωματα, ζωντανια, ενεργεια :D και εξαιρετικο review..παντα απολαμβανω τα κειμενα σου, μπραβο :)

Florendia said...

aaaargh missed that and it looks like you had a lot of fun:(

babô said...

oh i love that tee on the wall! and also the paperbags!

LopiAmaria said...

Love the animal print jacket ! Is this jacket in the new collection of adidas? Btw great blog. ":)

Mairyliscious said...

θελω τωρα το animal print jacket!!!!!!!!!!

chloe said...

oooh, i love the adidas tshirt like the eye-test chart, i might have to find one over here...
nice pics lopi! x

Alexandra said...

HYPE for Adidas originals :)


LopiAmaria said...

can someone tell if the animal print jacket is in the SS2011 collection? thank yoυ in advance :) xXx