Friday 18 February 2011

Future Sentiments

Future Sentiments is a fresh concept wear label founded by two architects between Amsterdam and Vilnius, Lithuania in late 2010.

Citing cosmic miracles and disco as some of their inspiration, I was mostly striken by the fresh point of view on t-shirt design, using clean, loose shapes, shiny inserts and the odd conceptual twist.

And by that I mean, wearing a t-shirt printed with something you use to "dress" your home?
That's architectural fashion with a twist.

Denis and Victoria - the couple behind the label - were kind enough to send me a lovely email introducing themselves and their work and arranged for me to have one of their designs, all the way from Lithuania, to post here on the blog.

How could I say no to fashion by architects?
As you may have guessed, I was quite into the whole concept of the carpet print as well as the top quality of the fabric and the sewing.

I was also very impressed by the packaging and labels.

I mean, this one above is the - quite hidden - washing instruction label, and they have thought of putting a nice message for you to discover there as well.

Loved it, great job guys!

I couldn't post every single picture from their collection here, so if you're hungry for more, you can always visit the salmon-pink official site for more info, find their limited edition preview collection available for purchase online at their e-shop (only there) and show them how much you like them too on facebook.


Mairyliscious said...

φαινονται τοσο ανετα τα ρουχα αυτα !!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel said...

that fading blue shirt got me drooling.
I really like your carpet print shirt too though, and with the simple and chic rest of your outfit is perfect. plus the message in the washing tag is priceless!

renatsan said...

Siga pou den tha ekanes esi auto to post!!!!Love them.....

Kristen Leo said...

kala to mplouzaki-xali einai aplws apisteuto! to agapw! <3

annie said...

amazing design!

Sick by Trend said...

buah! love it. The second one is awesome! im following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)


Dimitri Zafiriou said...

adorable and futuristic and fresh..

crystaljewellery said...

kala to mplouzaki-xali einai aplws apisteuto! to agapw!