Wednesday 2 February 2011

MAD walking today

Greek music TV channel MAD is organising the first MADwalk event combining fashion & music. Eight acclaimed Greek fashion designers will be presenting their latest collections on stage with 8 equally famous Greek music artists.

The show will be presented by pop singer and fashion chameleon Tamta and the Greek equivalent to Tyra Banks, Vicki Kaya. I believe both of them will be giving us the inside scoop through their twitter accounts tonight.

The designer/artist pairings are:

Apostolos Mitropoulos + Elena Paparizou
Celia Kritharioti + Sakis Rouvas
Deux Hommes + Yiorgos Mazonakis
Yiorgos Eleftheriades + Myronas Stratis feat. Ilia Darlin
Mary Katrantzou + Matisse
MI-RO + Onirama
Orsalia Parthenis + Melisses
Vrettos Vrettakos + Despina Vandi

Hurry up if you're interested, the event is taking place today at the Fencing Hall of Helliniko Olympic Complex.

You can find directions on how to get there here. Tickets cost €25 and you can still get them online on or in one of the stores mentioned here.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to work obligations. Happy madwalking!


A BRIT GREEK said...

I'm not sure I can make it either, boo!

Hope you're well doll.

BECKY MAY said...

Lovely blog!

The Flower Girl


Leinti nti said...

ox...i deux hommes entisan mazonaki? den ksero an theoreitai style icon giati kai stin elliniki vogue eixane ena story gia afton profanos kanei mazocomeback, alla krima pou xaramizoun tous deux hommes (o,ti kalitero exei na anadeiksei i elliniki moda) me afton ton tropo. alla apo tin alli challenge tha mou peis.