Monday 14 February 2011

Rust and olive

Isn't it a funny thing that rust and olive green are back in fashion?

I've had this V-neck sweater since 1998, if I remember correctly. Wore it all the time with jeans or corduroy pants in high school. Didn't we all wear tons of Benetton knits in back then?

The skirt is kinda old too, purchased during my early student years. If I had to guess I'd say circa 2002.

And the rest, you most probably have seen then already at some point.
Rust wool sweater, BENETTON. Olive-green corduroy skirt, NAF NAF. Maroon tights, MARKS&SPENCER. Grey snakeskin ballet flats, MASSIMO DUTTI. Scarf, BERSHKA. Ring necklace, PULL&BEAR. Feather ring, ASOS.

This is, more or less, why I never throw away anything.


Panagiota said...

i wouldnt think of putting these coulors together,but they look nice!i dont throw anything away too!ok..except those that dont fit anymore!
p.s:a post without the words happy valentine & love..finally!

ShoppingTherapy said...

funny how some years earlier women were so matchy matchy and now you can wear any colors you like and look great!

dimitra said...

Love the outfit!It's so cute! And the color of the tights looks so nice with this outfit-i wouldn't imagine! Yeah, those Benetton knits.....i used to hate them back then (considering them too boring), but i love them now and thank god they're still in a pretty good condition!

Inspiration partout said...

Nice outfit!I love these colours!I also keep a lot of my old clothes and my mum always moans so I'm glad someone else does it too!

Shey said...

Nice color combination, I wish I could keep clothes that long, unfortunately I only have a few garments that are more than 3 years old. You look great by the way. =)

Rini said...

LOVE the colored tights!!!!
I have also so many "old' clothes, I would call them vintage -almost-, which are SO wearable over and over again...!

Anonymous said...

πολυ ωραιος συνδυασμος!! να σε ρωτησω ομως κατι: τα ρουχα δν γαριαζουν/χαλανε/σκιζονται/κατι παθαινουν καποια στιγμη;; κι εγω κραταω τα ρουχα μου αλλα οσο και να τα προσεξεις ενα απλο μπενετον πουλοβερακι καποια στιγμη θα χαλασει! εσυ πως τα καταφερνεις μετα απο 11 χρονια να ειναι ακομη οκαυ;