Friday 25 July 2008

Back to business!

For most bloggers the start of their summer vacation means less blogging. Well, for this blogger it means more blogging and a whole lot of summer sales shopping. Here in Greece, the sales started officially exactly 10 days ago, and I managed to get so many stuff I could build an entirely new wardrobe! And I plan to blog about them all. So, for starters, my new Clarks shoes:
Yes, I know Clarks are considered a bit safe and boring, something your mum approves of. I know my mum loves Clarks shoes! But look at them:I think there is a little something about them that goes the distance. That, and also being damn comfortable, add to the fact that I bought them reduced to 55 euros from 79 in a local shop in Volos, when the official Clarks boutique, in The Mall shopping center in Athens, had them reduced only to 71 euros. Thieves! Anyway, I wore them today for the first time, to dinner with my parents. So, summer has started, and even if my happy days here in Samos island won't last as much as I would like them to, I intend to use them wisely and blog intensively. Please visit and comment!

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Anonymous said...

I, for one, LOVE those white sandals, girl. Don't know jack about Wonders, and couldn't get their site to work for me, but I think ya did good.

Look forward to seeing more of your purchases!