Tuesday 8 July 2008

Popped my cherry!

I would like to announce everyone that I finally lost my internet-shopping virginity! Ok, maybe it doesn't really count, because in the past I have successfully ordered several books from amazon.com, mostly fashion and illustration ones. But this is the first time that I ordered a fashion item: a pair of wonderful cognac-colored leather Chie Mihara maryjanes!

I bought them from american site Revolve Clothing one week ago and they arrived today, much faster than what I was used to by amazon. Let me tell you, I was so anxious I tried not to think about it at all this whole week. You see, although I already own another lovely pair of Chie Miharas and I knew that I wanted a 38,5 european size, the size-conversion charts I found around the net freaked me out! Every one said a different thing. I finally ordered the 8,5 and hoped it meant a 38,5. It also happened to be the last size left. Fate maybe?Well, they fit perfectly and I couldn't be happier. And I love their round shape and beautiful color and heel shape and, well actually EVERYTHING about them! I think I'm going to wear them to death when the weather gets a bit cooler, because right now I live in sandals and open-toe platforms. And a fact: they are the most expensive pair of my collection, but no regrets there because I really see Chie Mihara designs as investments.


Anonymous said...

Yum! Those are gorgeous. Definitely worth the online shopping risk, no?

ShoppingTherapy said...

Oh don't you just love the feeling when you open the box? makes me feel like a child again!