Monday 28 July 2008

Place your orders, girls

I was just visiting Economy of Style, one of the greatest blogs out there for stylish women on a budget. The lovely Psyche, the literal soul of the blog, as her name Ψυχή means soul in greek, always posts the most well-thought and perfect outfits out there. So, I spotted this picture. This girl is really something. Not only she found this dress on sale for just $25, she also googled for discount codes and found one for 20% off AND one for free shipping, and managed to use both. The final cost of the dress was a mere $21.95. You go girl! But, dear non-american readers who are jealous like me, because you can't order from most US-based online shops, bear with me, because this is not the only reason I'm posting this. As I was deeply mesmerized by how good this dress looked, I clicked on the link and was instantly transferred to the Newport News website. My small online shopping experience has taught me to check out first the international-shipping policy and then everything else. So I can know from the start if my daydreaming will stay just that, or it could translate to actual purchases. So, I did just that and stumbled upon this:
Newport News has partnered with Access USA to help facilitate shipping to our international customers. Access USA is an international mail forwarder that provides customers with a private U.S. street address to receive mail and merchandise. Access USA consolidates your Newport News order and ensures proper delivery to your international address.

Follow these two steps for international delivery:
1. Sign up with Access USA at
2. Use your new U.S. address, provided by Access USA, when placing your order.
So, finally someone saw the gap in the market for a middle ground between american-based online boutiques and eager-to-shop non-american-residents. I will be registering ASAP and as Access USA also offers mail forwarding services, maybe I will also get that Vogue US subscription I have been contemplating for the last 8 years. After I check their rates. Shop shop hurray!


Economy of Style said...

Wow! I appreciate the mention.

Access USA sounds like a great policy for Newport News to adopt. I've also heard of a few other mailbox companies that provide the same service, allowing online purchases in the US to be shipping anywhere.

Happy Shopping! Can't wait to see your picks.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! The online world is your oyster now, lady.

Champ2244 said...

You may want to consider a company called Bongo International. I used Access USA in the past. They are ok, but had issues with responding to me in a timely manner. Plus, I was getting charged all these additional fees. I signed up for about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. Online chat support, and no hidden fees.

This concept of mail and package forwarding is amazing!