Saturday 26 July 2008

A day on the island

I thought I was ready to do my super-ambitious summer sales extravaganza megapost, but as I started photographing my new stuff to post, I realized that they looked all wrinkly and awful. You see, they came straight out of the suitcase because I was too lazy to unpack since I arrived on the island two days ago. So, until they are unwrinkled - on their own by hanging, too lazy to press, I'm on holidays people - I give you a glimpse of what I threw on myself this morning, 5 minutes after I woke up, hurrying to make it to the stores before they closed.I love the way my hair gets natural blond highlights by the strong summer sun. And orange looks great with a tan, doesn't it? And... please don't hate me because I live on a greek island!

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