Thursday 31 July 2008

Summer boredom and star pyjamas

I am bored. I woke up, I read some blogs, I ate lunch with the family, I read some more blogs, and that's about it. I never even changed out of my pjs so I thought, why not blog about them? These are my new Marks & Spencer star-printed pyjama bottoms, worn with a thousand-years-old (so to speak) pink Bershka top and a pair of star-printed Bershka flip-flops. A small piece of information here, I absolutely hate painting my nails, both finger and toes. I just keep them groomed and clean and that's about it.
And I am still bored.


Charlotte said...

Merci pour votre commentaire et votre conseil! Comment avez vous trouvé mon blog? Comment faites-vous pour mettre des blogs que l'ont aime bien (sur le côté, comme vous avez fais!?)

Anonymous said...

Your PJ's are cute.

I love when bloggers post these honest, raw, and revealing pics.

It shows your fashion style is truly a personal thing.