Friday 4 July 2008

Bikini fever

With less than a week till Color Your Life graffiti festival starts, I have to think forward and prepare. My boyfriend coming back from the stores with the most amazing Quicksilver green surf shorts didn't help either. Got jealous. HAD TO SHOP. Problem there: I'm rather "gifted" on the boobs department and most stores think all women either are a 34B or don't care if their boobs look like sacks. So, I walked, and asked and walked some more. No luck at Calzedonia or Undercolors and numerous other small shops. And then it hit me. Good old Marks and Spencer! They always have bigger sizes and only half of their styles are too mumsy. I got in there, browsed for five minutes and took a whole lot of bikini tops in the dressing room. I always try on just the tops for starters, and the 10% that make it through the test get to go to the next phase: the bottoms. So, these are the ones I tried on, but didn't quite make it:And these are the ones I finally bought:
Beautiful double print combining zebra and polka dots, great colors and very supporting top... ...surprisingly well-fitting, with yummy white and yellow print.

Now, repeat after me: Don't snob the shops your mum shops

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