Thursday 17 July 2008


Finally, some rest. The last week was hell, with the festival and all. My feet are still swollen. But, as the festival ended on Monday, the summer sales started here in Greece, and now my feet are even more swollen. I got soooooo many stuff! Expect photos next week, as I'm now going to have a nice long camping weekend with my boyfriend and some friends at someone else's graffiti festival for a change. I'll be there, lying on the beach, wearing my new bikinis (yes MORE new bikinis), reading stupid british chick-lit and watching others do graffiti. Until then, here's an example of what I wanted to wear for the festival, but didn't quite manage, because of the fact that I was constantly wearing bikinis so I could jump into the sea for a quick dip as frequently as possible, but also because my boyfriend vetoed the shorts. They were short.

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