Monday 7 June 2010

Chie Mihara talks shoes

I first came upon this darling video ten months ago and immediately thought now, that's something worth posting.

Then I forgot. How typical.

Anyway, here it is, one of my absolute favourite shoe designers Chie Mihara talking about what she does best:

Making shoes we will fall in love with.


Florendia said...

Comfortable yet fashionable shoes? Yes please:)

Jane said...

I love my two pair of Chie Mihara shoes, and watching that video of her makes me feel even better about spending the money. No wonder her shoes are so comfortable if she made a special footbed! I just saw some of her fall collection, and I'm especially gaga for this hot pink heel at Ped. Dare I? It's fringed! (I can hear my bank account screaming from here.)