Sunday 6 June 2010

Sale on sale

Fena can be easily described as the most famous and hip concept store in northern Greece. They stock all the designer brands I would love to stuff my wardrobe with (but can't really afford to) as well as more high-street brands I already own, love and would like to get more of.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was informed that not only they have an outlet store, but also that they also sell online!

Fenastock is easy to navigate, has countless pages of clothes, shoes and accessories in reduced prices to choose from and offers the option of bookmarking your finds on your own personalized favourites list, so you can have them up and ready for the next time you visit.

This comes in very handy when they hold one of their amazing limited time offers, like the one the one having right now!

Just for the next 24 hours (until Sunday midnight greek time) everything on fenastock will be an additional 50% off on the already reduced outlet price, just by citing the code "50066" at checkout.

I already got myself this Diesel Preview green bubble skirt, courtesy of the kind people over at fenastock who chose this smart way to introduce their amazing shop to us bloggers. And it worked, as I'm already craving half the store...

So what are you gonna get?


Anonymous said...

great blog


sourgelaki said...

thanks for sharing !!

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joanaddicted said...


A BRIT GREEK said...

I'm slowly navigating (still having trouble reading Greek!) through this fab website!

That skirt is such a gorgeous colour!