Wednesday 30 June 2010

What else can an architect do?

Of course fashion design would be one of the options. We are problem-solvers after all. Not that I personally have such plans, just to make that clear.


Anonymous said...

You can be a good lecturer as well, judging from him! Cool guy! He could succeed in advertising too!

Viv said...

lovely blog you've got!

isabella Thordsen said...

very lovely blog!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lopi said...

To answer the anonymous comment that was too nasty to be published:
What part of NOT THAT I PERSONALLY HAVE SUCH PLANS, did you not understand?

I deleted your comment because I respect my readers, and so should you. If you have any other questions or opinions, you can also say them by e-mail. Nicely.

P.S. Greeklish is so chic. NOT.

raven said...

glad u posted this video! it's good to be reminded sometimes ;)