Friday 18 June 2010


indiffident at behance
Photography by Alberto Seveso/Indiffident


Daisy Dukes said...

Dang, I was about to say, if you took that picture you need to hang out a photographer's shingle and tell the architects to fend for themselves.

Seriously, you take such nice pictures I thought that was yours.

Lopi said...

@Daisy Dukes
Thanks honey! That guy is amazing, right? I'd love to delve into photography more, but my camera is not helping me much. Other than the fact it's a simple little compact Sony Cybershot, I also seem to have misplaced my charger, so I've been camera-free for the past few days. And it's starting to get frustrating...

Lorelai Sebastian said...

po mosekara kai ti selida tu, theos o tupos!ta proswpa mu aressan polu.
i fwto me to ugro einai ekneuristika teleia!

Raquel said...

amazing picture!
i don't know if you know yet lopi, but you were featured in Elle Es here:


Lopi said...

I had no clue! Thank you so much, I really needed to hear something nice today.

mahler76 said...

so perfect :)

Ivan McK said...

Frikkin' awesomage!!! Beautiful shot...I love photography.