Sunday 15 May 2011

Art Athina 2011

The obligatory view from above pic at the opening of this year's Art Athina international contemporary art fair.

First stop at the OZON stand, for saying hello to friends.

Second stop at the Athens Voice stand to see the mural created especially for the exhibition by Billy Gryparis.

And then it was art all over the place...

Here are my favourites, plus useful links to check out the artists at your own convenience.
A multicoloured embroidered canvas by Dafni Barbageorgopoulou.

A painting by Apostolos Georgiou, my art professor in architecture school.

Two amazing portraits by Adriana Molder.

A painted-on map by Josh Dorman.

Two photo portraits by Chantal Michel.

And an unidentified dapper gentleman shot by me because he looked cool.

The dapper gentleman revealed himself via a very kind email. He is Demetris Taliotis, director of APOTHEKE and a blogger at Go pay him a visit and say hi from me!

Posts from the two previous years here and here.

And next time, see you there!

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