Monday 30 May 2011

Greta got married

Sorry I've been missing for so long, but it there was a good reason for that...

One of my best friends got married and she gave me permission to share a few pics of the wedding here on the blog!

The ceremony took place in a city hall with a wonderful park in front of it, perfect for wedding photos.

The dress was by Maria Lucia Hohan.

I'm especially proud of the fact that I kinda helped out on the extra demanding task of finding the dress without even knowing it. Greta discovered the designer through fashion blogging, more specifically through The Cherry Blossom Girl's post on her wedding dress.

The shoes were beige snakeskin peep-toe platforms with bright yellow details, purchased in Bucharest.

The bouquet was made of yellow-white roses.

The bride's sister wore a belted shift dress in coral topped with a string of pearls and I wore a 50's full skirted dress in black and white vichy carreaux.

The wedding photographer was yours truly.

After the wedding we walked to a nearby cozy restaurant...

...where the couple cut the wedding cake...

...and we wished them raising our glasses of fizzy wine flavoured with pomegranate.

It was all so simple yet just right.
Wishing you guys a wonderful life together!


Anonymous said...

so sweet :) the dress looks amazing by the way and i totally feel for the bride, as my best friend is also getting married this july and the dress hunting has been a real adventure!

efi said...

αχ, μακάρι όλοι οι γάμοι να ήταν έτσι!

να ζήσουν!

(θα ήθελα να δω ολόκληρο το άουτφιτ σου, το φόρεμα δείχνει υπέροχο! :)

Call me M said...

Amazing wedding dress! I really liked the back of it.
You took some really nice pictures, they must be happy by the result.
The wedding cake looks delicious and so does the wine.

kot-itsa said...

poly omorfo forema ontws...e jekinhse h epoxh twn gamwn!

PeBu said...

Υπέροχος γάμος!
Έχω μία ερώτηση. Το νυφικό της φίλης σου υπέροχο!Όπως και της alix στο cherry blossom girl. Το αγόρασε μέσω internet ή πήγε εξωτερικό για να το βρει?Τhank you!!

Lopi said...

Η Γκρέτα τον τελευταίο χρόνο μένει Βουκουρέστι λόγω επαγγελματικών υποχρεώσεων του - τώρα πια - συζύγου και είχε πήγε αυτοπροσώπως στο ατελιέ της Μαρία Λουτσία. Πάντως το φόρεμα ήταν prêt a porter, και της έκανε τέλεια χωρίς διορθώσεις :)

evi said...

ποσο συμφωνω με την efi!
να ζησει το ζευγαρι κ να τους χαιρεσαι Lopi!

χαζεψα λιγο κ το site της σχεδιαστριας. πολυ ομορφα κ καλογουστα φορεματα ειχε!

VICKY said...

A' class Greta<3 polla like <3

MirPap said...

Hi there! Nice pics! I have a question too, where is that city hall? It's very nice... Best wishes for the couple (although it's been months away :P

Lopi said...


it's the Chaidari City Hall, and in front of it, there is this amazing park where we took all the photos

MirPap said...

Thanx! I'm planning a visit. The very best to you