Monday 23 May 2011

Shopping at Miss Sixty

I know that you have probably already read all about this project in the other girls' blogs, but here it goes.

Renault has collaborated with Miss Sixty to create an extra girlie special edition of one of its most popular models and the result is the unapologetically pink Twingo Miss Sixty.

To celebrate its launch, we were invited to a shopping spree at the Miss Sixty store in the Mall.

And as I mentioned, I had good company.

Katerina already posted her shopping experience here.

Thalia looks quite puzzled in front of the shoe wall.

Stella has the pedi/shoe combo all figured out.

She too has posted a lot more outfits and shoes here.

As for me, well, the choice was tough!



This is how a happy shopper looks like.

Coming up next, a big post featuring my adventures with the Twingo Miss Sixty I was given to play around with this weekend. First ever car review on the blog, exciting stuff.

Until then, you can follow that car on facebook and on twitter.


Penny said...

how do you do this bun? k elpizw na pires k tis 2 mplouzes- eidika i prwti einai panemorfi!

ShoppingTherapy said...

those shoes you got!! με πρόλαβες χαχα

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I love EVERY SINGLE THING you photographed. Sighhhhh...

Jelena Zivanovic said...

lovely pics!!!!:)) i adore the shoes!!:D and all of u girls are looking so pretty!:)

Call me M said...

Lovely clothes and shoes!
I loved the aqua-blue ones and the ones you wore!

Lopi said...

Oh, I just keep twisting it until it's all up in a solid bun and secure it with any pen, pencil ot make-up brush I can find. I really can't be more specific, as I never actually watch the procedure, I just do it!

Angel said...

Sexy :)