Thursday 4 September 2008


Actually, this outfit is about two weeks old. I bought the top from Bershka and wanted to show it off to all of you fine people straight away. But when I took a look at the pictures, I hesitated. They were kind of revealing cleavage-wise, and the boyf would deffinately not approve. It felt akward for me as well. This a blog about clothes, not boobs! But the top had some really interesting details that wouldn't show if I photographed it lying flat on my bed. So, what to do? Erased the body, kept the clothes. Viva la Photoshop!


Anonymous said...

Hee. Good job Photoshopping in some modesty. ;)

Anonymous said...

το τοπ άξιζε να φωτογραφηθεί,είναι πολύ όμορφο...και έκανες καλή δουλειά με το Photoshop :)