Wednesday 17 September 2008

Winter shopping starts here

Here are the pictures from yesterday's shopping spree, as promised to you all, and my sister in particular, so she can pick out whatever she likes and I can go back and buy it for her. Did I mention that she finds shopping extremely boring and I have to buy stuff for her so she won't end up naked? Yes. All stuff from Bershka.Dear sis, this is the black coat that I mentioned on the phone. I think it will look quite good on you, because the small was kinda tight on me, so on your skinny ass it will look perfect. 55.90 euros
This gray one looks less sporty and more grown-up compared to the black one. It's a bit more expensive at 69.90 euros, though.
There's another catch too. I loved it fully buttoned up, but I kinda hated the way its lapels fell down when unbuttoned. But it's your call. From what you told me, I think I would get you this one, and if it doesn't fit, I'll keep it myself.
As for me, I also tried on this dress, which I didn't get because the material was really itchy, and this gray top, which I did get, because it looked awesome and was only 7.95 euros.
I also loved this gray felt jacket, but I had to restrain myself. I have it on hold, while I think maturely how perfect it is and how much I reaaaaaally need it.
But all this restraining is tough, so I gave in and bought this one. It's plaid. Everyone needs something plaid this season, right?
But, if plaid ain't your thing, there are also stripes. Colourful stripes hidden in the inside. It's inhuman even to try and resist.


s.i. michaels said...

The gray felt coat is so awesome! I'm in the market for a short, fitted fall coat and that one is just what I've been imagining.

Anonymous said...

Τα δυο τελευταία είναι υπέροχα,έκανες πολύ καλά που αγόρασες το τελευταίο όμως γιατί είναι πιο ιδιαίτερο..Α,η αδερφή σου είναι πολύ τυχερή που σε έχει για προσωπική στυλίστρια..:)

Anonymous said...

Man, you are a seriously good sister. Must put a dent in your pocketbook to shop for her at shops YOU like, though. As noted in this post.

Rebecca Jane said...

great coat!!