Tuesday 9 September 2008

Victoria cuts it and Keira doesn't eat much

sources: popsugar and socialitelife

Personally, I think short hair suits Victoria, but I never thought of the gamine cut as feminine enough. Maybe I'm just too attached to my own long mane. Only the thought of going that short makes me hyperventilate. And, Keira... She has been this thin for so long I almost believe her when she protests that she is naturally that thin. She is never photographed drunk or dissorderly and looks borderline healthy most of the time. But then - as the article where I sourced the picture notes - in Bend It Like Beckham she had a completely different body. What's the story here?


Anonymous said...

In agree that Posh looks well enough in that cut, but it's a tough one for most to pull off. I've tried it and just look ... well, like a boy.

As for Keira, who knows? It hurts me to see how skeletal she is, and I just want to mail her some pizzas. But maybe she just metablolizes at light speed.

s.i. michaels said...

Posh does look amazing but I feel the same way about short hair--I just can't think it'll look good on myself and it's generally hard for others without really perfect features to pull off.

Economy of Style said...

I also love the new cut on Victoria.