Wednesday 17 September 2008

Tomboy and loving it

Don't be fooled by the pink background. Tonight I had the absolute lad's evening. Panathinaikos got its ass kicked by Inter in a Champions League game. For those who don't get it, I watched a football game (soccer for the brits out there) along with two guy friends in an outdoors café, while drinking beer. Then we met two more friends and had some junk food. Simple, yet perfect. I was dressed exactly the way I was in the morning, when I got out of the house in a hurry to pay some bills. Brown flats, blue shorts, boys' t-shirt from Zara and hair in a ponytail. When it got cold, I grabbed the gray cardigan I keep in the car and I wore my glasses to see the screen better. I think I looked like an akward 15-year-old. It was a fun night.


Anonymous said...

Ιδανικό σύνολο για boys' night out,ειδικά με τα γυαλιά έδωσες μια νότα geek-πολύ fashionable i must say!

Anonymous said...

Sounds blissful.

Anonymous said...

Na upothesw oti eksyses k ta genetika sou organa sto telos?

Pantos einai prwti fora p akouw kopela na paradexetai (me mia wsxetiki uperifania) oti eide mpala pinontas mpira kai trogontas vromiko. Well done

P.S: liga logia g t Vazelo e! Ante mi ta parw :p :p :p

Lee Turtle

Anonymous said...

So qrazy..