Wednesday 3 September 2008

Change of plans

This is what I've been wearing for the last two days. That's because I just didn't have enough time to return home and change. The harem trousers are by Attrattivo, bought in my hometown from this little shop I told you about. They are linen and have to be the most comfortable-yet-stylish trousers I have ever owned. I bought them two months ago, in the middle of summer, but until now it has been just too damn hot to wear them. I think I've compensated. The yellow shoes are these little bastards. And I refer to them as that because I found out the hard way that they really kill my feet. Slowly and painfully. I had to ditch them on the second day (car is major shoe closet, handy for circumstances like this) to change into these little fellows underneath. They were bought dirt cheap from Oysho - usually an underwear shop - two and a half years ago, and are in the risk of falling apart any time now, but they are still so sute! And comfy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats: You are literally the ONLY person I've seen in harem pants that hasn't made me cringe! Too bad about the yellow shoes ... but the orchid ones are adorable, too. Way to add a pop of color to a subdued outfit.

Anonymous said...

Ωραιο το blog. χαιρετισμους απο Λεωνιδιο.

Anonymous said...

σου πάει πάρα πολύ αυτό το στυλ..κ θα συμφωνήσω με τον/την sal για τα παντελόνια τέτοιου τύπου!έχω κ εγώ ένα από badila, το φοράω ξέροντας ότι είναι fashionable αλλά δε με κολακεύει!εσένα σου ταιριάζουν όμως και επίσης ζηλεύω τη συλλογή σου από flats..