Sunday 14 September 2008

Shirtdresses are fun!

Last night I went to the movies to see You don't mess with the Zohan staring Adam Sandler and Emmanuelle Chriqui. It was good for an american comedy, but it got kinda boring after the first 45 minutes. At least Emmanuelle's character was stunning and had a great sense of style, and that was what kept me awake. Take my advice and wait for the DVD. Anyway, this is what I wore:
stripy shirt dress from Mango, worn NOT with these

Zara rope wedges, as I'd like too, but with these
Marks & Spencer mini-wedges, because I had to drive, and alsothese crown-shaped pendant and ring, which I am obsessed with
(Sal, I know you are too)


Anonymous said...

Είναι σε γραμμή Α ή μου φαίνεται;Σου πάει πολύ πάντως κ ειδικά ο τρόπος που το συνδύασες!
Είδα κ εγώ το Zohan αλλά το κατέβασα,χιχιχι ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I so am. Though, since I have a crown ring and three crown pendants, it's hardly fair to be jealous. Let's be co-princesses.