Wednesday 8 October 2008

AFW Workshop, Day 3

As I predicted, the metro workers' strike today played havoc with the workshops' schedule. The good news is that we got some much needed extra sleep in the morning, which resulted in more creative ideas later in the day. The bad news is that we had to leave early to catch the last train home and didn't get to stay and watch the free rock concert.

This is me and Katerina, a girl I met in the workshops. She is only 19 and she is already working as a stylist! Her next step would be to get accepted in Central Saint Martin's college in London. The only reason I am not extremely jealous is because she is a total sweetheart and she absolutely deserves to go!


Anonymous said...

Here, I'll be jealous for you. A 19-year-old stylist? Eesh!

Anonymous said...

Esu tn gnwrises. Dn tha tn gnwriseis k sen mas tous tsopanogkomenous gia na tis euxithoume kales spoudes (i kati tetoio)?