Wednesday 1 October 2008

Athens Fashion Week Workshops

photo from Athens Fashion Week Workshops event on Facebook

In my previous post I did my best to give you all the important stuff about Athens Fashion Week. As I mentioned, it will be a cultural event for all to attend and benefit from. Everyone who will be in Athens from October 7th to October 12th should visit the Athens Technopolis and see the free art exhibitions, movie projections and concerts. Unfortunately, you still need an invitation to attend a show, but we all know that the fashion crowd outside the tents is just as fun to watch anyway. Another event that won't be open to the public is the workshops. The english press release says:
60 students from schools of Fine Arts, Architecture, Graphic Design, Photography, Stage Design, and Fashion Design will participate in the workshops that will be held during the entire week in Technopolis. The participating students will be asked to create original works while exploring the relation between fashion and art. On the final day of the workshops, these artefacts will be presented to the public at a grand fashion show that will mark the end of the 8th Hellenic Fashion Week. Supervising the workshops is artist Alexandros Psychoulis.
  • Workshop 1: Photography and Fashion. Coordinated by Tassos Vrettos, Spiros Staveris (photographers), Dimitris Arvanitis, Giannis Karlopoulos (graphic artists), Chara Lebessi, Dimitris Alexakis - Deux Hommes (Fashion Designers)
  • Workshop 2: Speech-Plot-Weaving-Mask. Coordinated by Evi Manidaki (architect - stage director), Angelos Mentis (costume designer), Vaso Consola (fashion designer)
  • Workshop 3: From Architecture to Garment. Coordinated by Zisis Kotionis (assistant professor of architecture, University of Thessaly), Iris Lykourgioti (lecturer of architecture, University of Thessaly), Foivi Giannisi (lecturer of architecture, University of Thessaly), Daphne Valente (fashion designer)
To participate in one of the workshops you had to send in a CV and a portfolio of any relative work you may have, by Monday, October 29th. That was last Monday. My friend Jasmine and I managed to send our applications just in time (like true architects, everything gets done on the last possible moments) and last night I got a phone call saying... we're in! Jasmine got accepted on the first workshop and will learn how to shoot amazing fashion-related pictures, while I will be attending the last one, titled From Architecture to Garment. How appropriate! I'm really excited and scared at the same time. I already have lots of creative ideas racing through my mind and I hope my work I will be good enough to meet of my professors' expectations, so something show-worthy will be created, but I know I will have a great time anyway. However, participating in the workshops doesn't mean that we will also have access to the shows. But don't fret. Best friend Angela to the rescue! Angela works in PR and she might be able to score us some show invites! This is getting serious people. I'm sure I'm going to get a caffeine addiction in order to go through this, but I promise I will try to blog every night to give you all the important details first-hand. Fashion Week, here we come!

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SO excited for you! Can't wait to hear the details, post-experience.