Friday 3 October 2008

The skirt issue

As I suppose most of you do as well, I keep an "inspiration" folder in my laptop, which I regularly stuff with eye candy I stumble upon in various fashion blogs, e-shops and internet communities like the flickr wardrobe remix. And may add that I am really tidy too. My folder is labeled clothes and inside there are various sub folders named skirts, dresses, handbags and of course shoes. Lately my skirts folder has been bursting with pictures like these:Camille, girl in yellow skirt whose name I really can't remember, The Clothes Horse and Liebemarlen all wear some variation of the same puffed skirt. They all also happen to wear their skirts on their natural waistline, which is a nice retro-inspired touch that I am very fond of. And this is coming from someone who grew up wearing them pants as low as they could hang. But these days are thankfully over, so lets get back to the skirts. They are feminine, girly, colorfull and really easy to wear. Heck, they are really easy to make as well! Camille made her red skirt herself and she also sells her handmade skirts in Etsy. Queen Michelle also just posted one of her DIY masterpieces. She made hers extra puffy by using 3 metres of nude-coloured organza and teamed it with simple black shorts, socks and top, creating a super edgy-but-chic outfit and also a serious case of bloggers' envy.
Let me add at this point that this is a trend that has been lingering for some time now, and - to my delight - it seems like it's here to stay. So, it was perfect timing for the fashion-blogging gods to send my way this gem:
Her name is Ramona West and she keeps a blog which she uses to advertize her vintage store on Etsy. Yes people, these skirts you see above, along with some other fabulous vintage dresses and shoes, ARE FOR SALE. I really admire this woman for her courage and strength. I would have kept them all for my self!
Anyway, I think the universe is trying to tell me something, because I just happened to be in a fabric store tonight and I found this piece of amazing purple fabric on the left yardage sale rack for only 14 euros. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Oh, I hope this doesn't end up in tears. Let the sewing begin!

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Anonymous said...

Props to you, girl. I have zero sewing skills. Looking forward to seeing your purple creation!