Saturday 18 October 2008

More of Athens Fashion Week: Andria

I get a feeling that all these show pictures that I am still posting almost a week after fashion week has ended, are getting boring for many of you. Even for me it feels weird that I haven't done something more personal, like an outfit or a DIY post, for such a long time. But, I still have unpublished fashion week pictures that are totally posting-worthy and I feel it would be kind of selfish not to share with you guys. I promise though, there are only a couple of AFW posts left, and then it's back to the old habits!

So, for today I selected some photos I took at Andria's show. It's not so much about the clothes, as they were quite overdone as a concept: satin dresses, romantic fairy look. Beautiful but boring, if you ask me. But the colors... See for yourselves:

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Rebecca Jane said...

I love the bright beautiful colours in these dresses! Stunning!