Tuesday 28 October 2008

Say "NO" to bad politics and fashion choices

Today is a national holiday in Greece. We celebrate the 28th of October 1940, when the Nazis asked the greek Prime Minister to surrender the country to the Axis and he just said "NO". Cool guy, huh? He'd be even cooler if he weren't a dictator.

Anyway, enough with the historical details, my problem is one of a different nature. Every year on the 28th of October the greek army, the red cross nurses, war veterans, groups dressed in greek folklore costumes and school pupils in uniforms parade in the main street of every city. If you live in a country like Canada, Australia or the USA you may have witnessed them yourself. Remember those guys? You can't ever forget guys wearing white pleated skirts and shoes with pom-poms. Now, here's the really weird part. You see, in no other country in Europe school pupils parade military-style. They just put some flowers on a monument and that's it. Those kind of parades where conceived by Hitler in order to cultivate a military-like discipline among the german youth and were introduced to Greece in the late 60's, during the 7-year military junta of the Colonels.

So why are those parades still around? Like many things in Greece, they just are. So our problem here today isn't why they still exist, but what schoolkids - more specifically schoolgirls - wear when participating in them. You see, the greek media has scrutinized those schoolgirls' sartorial choices a lot lately, and not without cause. The parade - which, remember people, shouldn't even exist in the first place - has been twisted into a young hos catwalk. I may be verging on harsh or judgmental here, which I hate to be, but someone's gotta stop this madness:What's with the leg? Ok, I understand that you are young and want the boys to notice you, but seriously, put something on or you'll catch a cold.

The schools have tried to control this phenomenon using rulers to measure the hem's distance from the knee and threatening with expulsions, but it just won't stop. And while I really support everyone's freedom to wear whatever they want, this is just bad taste. It's universally considered wrong to wear track bottoms to a job interview or a plunging neckline to a christening, so why should it be considered ok to wear tight miniskirts and cropped tops to celebrate a national holiday? In late October, may I add. So, until those ridiculous parades are stopped altogether, why not turn them into a fashion event? Here's my take on what greek schoolgirls could wear:
And remember, knowing when to say "no" is what makes our choices. Happy "Ochi" Anniversary!


Archo Pischou said...

epistrofi sta 60s!poly aliki-style i protasi sou!

FashionSqueah! said...

Is that blue dress form H&M? I think I have it(or one similar anyway!), the colour really suits you! Char x

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea about these parades. I can see why you're frustrated by them.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned lately that I adore you? Like, completely, no reservations adoration of you? OK, now that we've gotten THAT taken care of ...

Is there any sort of national discussion about why the parades take place? Or do people just roll with it? Are any of the schools considering withdrawl, since they can't get their populations of minxes under control?

I so agree that these girls should save it for the club. Or better yet, save if for when they're at UNIVERSITY. Your outfit is a thousand times cuter, chic-er, more patriotic, and just plain better.

Elena said...

The way they dress, is ridiculous.
But the important thing is: I am in love with your shoes!!
Happy "Ochi" anniversary!

Lopi said...

fashion squeah:
The dress is from good old M&S, bought ridiculously low priced on the summer sales. That means I hadn't had a chance to wear it till now, and I think it's great it waited to serve the purpose of this post.

Actually there is a lot of discussion - in the form of newspaper articles, blogs, even a facebook group - of why these parades should stop, but like most things in Greece, it will take a while for the politicians to take the decision. No-one wants to be the "non-patriot" responsible. The schools still support them too, but it's their fault, they're just doing what the government tells them. The only good news is that kids who decide to boycott them, despise the consequences, are getting more and more every year.
And I love you too!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting and thought provoking post! I definitely like your version better!

Anonymous said...

Koita, an eksaireseis merika mpoutia pou einai kapos.... megala(!) to olo skiniko exei fasi. Eidika an eisai agoraki :p

(Lee Turtle)

Anonymous said...

Xmmm oi mini foustes itan to mono epanastatiko pragma mesa stin katapiesi tis parelasis, to na arxisoun na tis metrane me xaraka einai sa na prospathoun na pisoun oti olo ayto to panigiri einai sovaro. I kakogoustia twra opws px arvyla me mini einai isws to thema pou tha eprepe na mas provlimatisei.
Kai ola ayta mexri na katalavoun ta koritsakia (kai ta agorakia) oti to imigymno einai pio sexy apo to gymno.

That being said an thes na deis stylistika/antrhwpistika (katantaei sxedon mazoxistiki i emoni tous) atopimata me mini foustes ela agglia... paranoia..

DaisyChain said...

Love this post,
and you look amazing in that dress =)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I adore your alternative look! My friends went to the parade and they made the same comments.

Lopi said...

Αγαπητέ kamikazzzi, πιστεύω ότι έκανα απόλυτα σαφές στο ποστ μου ότι προσωπικά δεν συμφωνώ με τις μαθητικές παρελάσεις. Άλλο τόσο όμως δεν συμφωνώ με το να βγάζουν οι πιτσιρίκες έξω τα μπούτια τους και να το βαφτίζουμε επαναστατική πράξη. Όποιος δεν συμφωνεί με τις παρελάσεις ας μείνει σπίτι του να δει την υπολοχαγό Νατάσα και να πάρει τριήμερη από τον διευθυντή την Δευτέρα. Όποιος συμφωνεί, ας το κάνει τουλάχιστον για καλύτερους λόγους από την καθαρή επιδειξιομανία.
Και σκέψου αυτό που προτείνω: Αν μια χρονιά οι μαθήτριες αποφάσιζαν να βάλουν η καθεμία ό,τι πιστεύει εκείνη ότι ταιριάζει σε μια εθνική επέτειο, δεν θα είχαμε πλέον μαθητική παρέλαση. Θα είχαμε ένα Conceptual Street Fashion Show!
Problem solved!!!

Anonymous said...

this is such a cool holiday!

La C

Anonymous said...

oops! wrong comment (this is what happens when i have too many windows open at once.) sorry!

but you look lovely!

La C

Kαπα said...

hey!you look like like blair waldorf in this pic!to olo styling,i kordela kai to lefko kalson totally!