Wednesday 15 October 2008

Jean Charles de Castelbajac in Athens

Jean Charles de Castelbajac was the guest of honour of the 8th Hellenic Fashion Week.

JCDC - a play on the rock band ACDC and "easier for young people to remember" as Castelbajac himself stated - showed his spring/summer 2009 collection in Technopolis of Athens on Saturday, October 11th, just a week after his - very successful - Paris Fashion Week show in Carousel de Louvre, which was gatecrashed by Bruno.

If I had to use just one word to describe his show in Athens, it would be fun. If I could choose three, it would be fun, fun, fun. Lame jokes aside, you get the picture. Many of you may have already seen pictures and clips the from his Paris show, so you are probably familiar with the Obama dress, the cloud-print pants and men's suit, the credit card dress, the lego sunglasses and the Minnie Mouse shoes.
What we haven't seen before and never thought we would, was a bouzouki virtuoso opening the show, playing the traditional greek music Evdokia's rempetiko solo followed by a cover of Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana, while the crowd throwed carnation flowers on the catwalk, as it is customed in greek bouzouki night clubs.

After the catwalk was covered with the red carnations, an amazing drums-and-synthesizer duo took the stage and started blasting out the most get-happy music you can imagine, while the models came out strutting to the rhythm on their multi-colored Minnie Mouse shoes.

Unfortunatelly, I wasn't able to take enough presentable pictures of the clothes and the shoes. Fortunatey, all the collection is viewable in Jean Charles de Castelbajac's official site here.

You can also take a good look of the clothes in this backstage video I discovered in YouTube. As for the end, I saved a small clip I managed to shoot with my poor old camera, showing all the models dancing to "Girls just wanna have fun" and JCDC himself escorting the bride for the show finale.



virginia said...

apisteytos o jcdc-- prepei na exei perasei apeires wres paizontas super mario!perimenoume kai ta ypoloipaa..(ontws oi parthenoi katapianontai me polla pragmata-antapokrites tou fw/dimiourgoi+montela!! ta sygxaritiria mou k diadiktyaka!)

Anonymous said...

That rainbow dress is crazy!

Elena said...

As I told you I was extremely busy these days and I didn't make it to the Fashion Week! But thanks to your great coverage I feel like a part of me was there! So, I guess I have to thank you!! Seriously, you did a great job! Congratulations!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

This show really looks fantastic--what a great way to end the week!
You know, I've read "The Fountainhead" but I didn't know Cary Grant starred in a film on it--now I need to see it!
I'm not homesick yet--I'm having too much fun!
Are you headed out of Athens now?