Sunday 19 October 2008

Athens Fashion Week: Marios Schwab

The last show of fashion week I went to was Marios Schwab, and let me tell you, that didn't start off good. Herr Schwab had the crowd waiting outside for more than half an hour. Very un-german-like of him.

Many people with invitations took off before even the show started, saying stuff that shouldn't be repeated here.

But once the wait was over, in we went and enjoyed a great show.

What I remember most fondly isn't the actual clothes, but the way the models stopped and posed facing each other every time their paths met in the middle of the runway. Very nicely choreographed and the music was a great match too.


Anonymous said...

Love him! And it's nice that he goes also too Greece, because in the UK is big enough. Was he raised in Greece? Or just has Greek blood?

yiqin; said...

Ah, awesome. Somehow, I always thought that being a greek is freaking cool =x