Monday 6 October 2008

AFW Workshop, Day 1

We arrived at Technopolis today at 11:00 and the place was buzzing with workers and excitement! The main catwalk was almost done, the entrance was being painted bright red and the exhibition room was being covered with plastic bubble wrapper (it looks as fun as it sounds). Unfortunately we couldn't watch, as we went straight to the main building, where the workshops are being held. There are so many interesting people participating, most of them architecture students and practicing architects, but some stylists and fashion designers as well. Our workshop project is titled FOOD WEAR/architectural refashions. Our professors, Iris Lykourgioti and Zisis Kotionis, explained that our object is to work on the multiple connections between cooking and wearing, as both are actually architecture using soft materials. Our first assignment was to go out and document ourselves while preparing and/or eating lunch and then return and discuss our observations. We were the last workshop team to leave Technopolis at 8:30. I met my friends Archo and Jasmine and guess what we did... Yeah, we went out for dinner. If you happened to be at Yo Sushi in Kolonaki tonight you would witness three girls eating enough sushi to feed a 6-person family. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pass out on my sister's couch, so I can do this all over again tomorrow.


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That is so exciting--you're so lucky! I'm very thrilled to read about it on your blog.
OK, I NEED to see some of this stuff. I will meet you almost anytime and anywhere this week--so give me a place and time and I will try to make it work, okay?
You can e-mail me if you like (

Elena said...

Sounds amazing! lucky you!

ShoppingTherapy said...

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