Sunday 26 October 2008

Bedroom, check

More pictures tomorrow, right now it's dark and the flash kills everything. Nighty night!


saray said...

our beds look the same but opposite ..
My sheets are blue and the pillow covers are yellow and I have 2 floral pillows =)

Mary said...

so neat! i love the minimalism but colours... and of course.. all the shoes... drool.

Valerie Rojas Braverman said...

i like your shoe rack! i need something like that to organize mine...they are just throw inside my closet.

Lopi said...

Thanks girls!
Actually, I have already done a post about how I made my shoerack here:

You can make your own too!

Elena said...

Lovely! The way you've mixed blue and yellow is just perfect!
And thank you sooo much about your tip! Next time I wear "visible" socks (preety soon I guess) I'll definately do it!

DaisyChain said...

Wow, I adore the colours in your room! And it's so neat and tidy.