Thursday 25 November 2010

Christina Koutsospyrou

Christina Koutsospyrou
Illustration by Christina Koutsospyrou

OZON magazine reported back in May:
The Greek illustrator Christina Koutsospyrou, based in London, is famous for her unique style. Her work has been displayed in magazines, fashion houses, TV and record labels. Her highly praised illustrations reflect a combination of lost innocence and romanticism. Besides her digital work, Christina has produced screen prints that have been exhibited in a range of places in the region of London.
Damn, I really have to stop doing that thing where I first buy the t-shirt and then I find out who the amazing illustrator behind it is. Or not.

MARKA t-shirt bought from Fenastock back then

It seems like Christina Koutsospyrou's portfolio has been taken down since, but you can still visit her blog here.


Angelina said...

mou aresei polu! kai logo sxolis diladi mou travikse to endiaferon! tha koitaksw ti douleia tis sigoura!

Fashionitsa said...

Πάρα πολύ ωραίο!