Monday 1 November 2010

Siki Im, a fashion architect

It seems like a lot of architects switch to fashion. Why is that?

Honestly, boredom. A building can take forever to go up — there are so many variables that can cause delays. Fashion is a lot more immediate and tactile and emotional. I actually had to learn how to be softer to do fashion, to really ask myself, “Does it feel right?” instead of just spell-checking the concept. And fashion people love architects. I think they think they’re intellectual.
[read the full interview where this excerpt came from on T magazine]

Siki Im is an architect turned fashion designer.

He was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. After completing his Baccalaureate, he was drawn to architecture, and relocated to Great Britain, where he graduated with First Class Honors from the Oxford School of Architecture. Having worked as an architect in various cities around the world, Siki Im moved to New York City in 2001 where he worked for the progressive architecture firm, Architectonics. Numerous projects later he decided to take a break from architecture, and move onto fashion design. Siki Im was the Senior Designer for Karl Lagerfeld, and Helmut Lang. After years of designing for fashion houses he thought that it was a good time to utilize his knowledge, as well as experiences in architecture, furniture, graphics, art, and music, manifesting it all into fabrics and shapes.

He recently debuted his premier menswear collection entitled Black Beat White Wonder, inspired by William Golding's novel The Lord of the Flies and he is participating in BUILDING FASHION an on-going project that pairs fashion designers with architects in an installation series exploring the intersection of architecture and fashion through integrated store and exhibition design, where most of this info came from. But more on that later...

You can watch his A/W 2010 collection video here:

See how the above video was made here:

And if you still want to know more about Siki Im, you can read about his favourite things over at Evilmonito, see how proud his friends are for him at Mr Kim's and take a peek inside his home in An Afternoon With...


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