Monday 29 November 2010

Thankful for Kiehl's

Thanksgiving is a celebration somewhat alien to us Greeks.

However, when you receive an invitation as tempting as this one and by one of the most respected cosmetic brands out there, you dare not say no!

First, some helpful trivia:

Kiehl's is quite the household name in the other side of the Atlantic.

John Kiehl founded his pharmacy in 1851 in New York. Since then the brand has been manufacturing quality skin and hair care products, not tested on animals, that simply do what they promise.

The original pharmacy on 13th St and 3rd Av still exists.

I've never had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner before and may I say, I was impressed!

The people from Kiehl's as well as the girls from Out of the Box PR did their best to make us feel like we were having a cozy family dinner, quite successfully may I say.

Thalia, Cordelia (Kiehl's Greece Brand Ambassador) and me.

The real star of the evening can be seen at the end of the table, a huge organic stuffed turkey.

Yiota Tzavara of Out of the Box (good job organizing that whole dinner girls) and Thalia of Life in Athens.

Elena and me with Mr Bones, Kiehl's mascot. He is a tradition originating from the real human skeleton John Kiehl used to keep in his pharmacy to explain how the human body works to his costumers.

And of course, here's what I wore:

Maxi knit dress gathered at the waist to look shorter, STRADIVARIUS. Brown leather belt, MANGO. Black velvet military jacket, ATMOSPHERE via the GIVE A FROCK A HOME event. Black plastic flats, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa.

And of course, couldn't be more thankful for the amazing goody bag! It contained some classic Kiehl's products in full size packages: The iconic Creme de Corps, Hair Conditioner And Grooming Aid Formula 133, Face Concentrates and a USB stick with all the info we would need about the company.

Thank you Kiehl's!


Unknown said...

what a fun event! Thanksgiving in Greece!

joanaddicted said...

ti kouklitses!

leinti nti said...

you need to tell us how come your hair is sooo shiny? what is the secret? dont tell me you use kiehls...hehe...

Lopi said...

@leinti nti
it's basically the fact that I use hair conditioner every single time I wash it and that I rarely use a blow dryer or a straightening iron. rarely means 4 or 5 times a year. most of the time I just let them dry naturally, even in winter.

marilooya said...

hey cutie:)
i really like ur blog.
if u wanna,check mine and tell me your opinion,i 'll be glad.

Kristen Leo said...

ou! ti teleio! 8elw kai egw thanksgiving na giortasw tou xronou!