Tuesday 23 November 2010

Lanvin ♥ H&M in Athens

Don't get me wrong, I didn't wake up at 7:00am for THIS.
I'm way to old/bored/unexcited for this kind of mayhem.

But I did happen to wake up extremely early for a totally unrelated reason and passed the Kolokotroni store on my way to work, so I shot some pics from inside the car for you.

This was taken 15min before the shop opened at 9:00am. The line crosses the street and reaches the next building. I can't imagine want went down when the doors opened.

If you braved the inside of an H&M store this morning, shopped and actually survived too, I'd love to hear what you scored! Please leave a comment, or even better, a comment with a link.

Oh, you kids these days...

You may have seen it already since I tweeted it last night, but if you understand greek, YOU HAVE to read this reportage by Stella. She managed to bag a t-shirt and the floral dress without any discomfort, bitching or nail-fighting fellow shoppers. After all, she has been writing Shopping Therapy for more than four years. She has a Ph.D. in shopping!

Another reportage straight from the crime scene, this time by Maria Flora.


A Brit Greek said...

I'm also way too old and way bored to do anything of this sort!

Will you picking up some gorgeous bits yourself?

Lopi said...

@ A Brit Greek
like I told Hari from soho symposium on twitter earlier, NO WAY JOSE!
it's totally not worth the trouble or money IMHO

ShoppingTherapy said...

just came back, probably I was the only person that managed to shop without much inconvience and have fun at the same time.
i'm not sure if i wanna keep my buys though, I just realised that it's going to be really hard to wash that t-shirt with all the bling. the floral dress i also got, is beautiful (in my opinion of course) but not sure if it deserves 150e.
i'll give you more details later with my post, but now i have to make up for this morning's work...

Lopi said...

can't wait for your post, your point of view is always so fun! if you decide not to keep your buys, watcha gonna do? return or sell on ebay? their resell price will probably be more than retail...

ShoppingTherapy said...

oh i don't yet and i can't decide!! i've never sold anything on e-bay... we'll see

joanaddicted said...

lopi!!! i loved that post! i was actually thinking of visiting the store this morning, but i couldn't leave the office. So, i'll be there after work, at around 6. I hope it won't be the same chaos... and p.s. how did you resist?
lots of love

Lopi said...

how did I resist you ask?
oh well, with the huge line, not really feeling excited about most of the clothes, not willing to pay 200€ for those I kinda liked and passing by in a car in the middle of freakin' downtown Athens, hence no parking chances, resisting really wasn't that much of an issue :p

joanaddicted said...

...and i just called the store: there is nothing left. not even a piece.I guess i was very optimistic for this afternoon ..
and p.s. i actually was excited about ALL the pieces.. 200 euros-> expensive indeed. Last week i passed by Lanvin actual store and you can get a pair of real Lanvin shoes in this money !! But i'm an H&M addict afterall!! ;-)

Florendia said...

I completely forgot about this:O Does this put me outside the fashionistas circle now. I agree on the "too expensive" remark. Can't believe they sold out so fast!